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The hotel meets our "solitary space" consumption needs

2019/9/3 9:06:23
It has been reported that some married men will stay quietly in their cars for a moment to relieve pressure after work. Young women who have just become mothers have also begun to seek solitude beyond family chores.
According to the data of this summer's booking of hourly rooms, the booking volume of hourly rooms increased by 1.5 times compared with last year, especially in the first-tier cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the north. With more male than female hotel room bookers as a whole, more than 60% of hourly room bookers are female, mainly in the 25-35 age group, and the growth rate of female room bookings is particularly fast in this age group.
After a sample survey of thousands of female users, Shang Yiqiu, director of user products in the Department of Destination and Business of Where to Go, found that many of the female users born between 1985 and 1995 were young mothers of children under 4 years old, whose main purpose of hourly rooms was to catch up on sleep, rest or watch movies. Limited private space in big cities and the double pressures of life and work make the post-80s and post-90s willing to pay for the consumption of "solitary space". More high-end hotels in China open hourly rooms, which also provide a basis for new demand.
Gaoxing Hotel's demand for increasing revenue is more urgent than ever. With the high cost of rent and manpower, there is no big change in the relationship between supply and demand of normal rooms in the market. Gaoxing Hotel is increasing its income by opening hour rooms and parent-child rooms. On the other hand, in addition to choosing a short weekend "free" time, many female white-collar workers will open an hour room near the company because they work too late.
According to the statistics of Where to Go Network, besides the railway station, bus station, airport and other transportation hubs, which are the traditional areas with the largest demand for hourly houses, many business circles and mature residential areas are also popular.
"Twenty-one percent of the users open the hourly room because they work overtime and stay up late, and have other arrangements in the afternoon, so they temporarily open the hourly room to make up for sleep. Both male and female users have such needs, and more professions are engaged in advertising and media. Shang Yiqiu's analysis of the interface news said, "This phenomenon is more in Beijing and Shanghai, because the transportation cost is too high, regardless of the time or money cost, it is more expensive to go home after overtime than to open the hourly room.

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